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Feeding pump

▶ Feeding pump (PP_9900)


▶ Light, Portable, Easy to use


▶ Features

Self testing Every time the unit turns on, self testing is proceeded
K.T.O (Keep Tube Open) When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.T.O rate automatically (adjustable from 0.1ml/h ~0.9ml/h)
Keypad lock function Keypad is locked with or without password depend on its using condition
Infusion setup Flow rate / Delivery volume
Buzzer / Occlusion level 3 steps / 3 steps (4psi ~ 20psi)
Bolus ON/OFF, Adjustable (1~ 30ml/h)
History call back Display up to last 15 infusion data
Data saving years 5 years
Strengthen safety Double CPU stop on error
Avoiding Free Flow
Recharge battery
Battery recharging time 4 hours
Recharge battery 4 hours (25ml/h)

▶ Specification

Flow rate 0.1 ~250ml/h Bolus rate 0.1~ 60ml/h
Delivery Volume 0.1~ 999.9ml (in 0.1ml increments) K.T.O 0.1ml/h~ 0.9ml/h
Occlusion time 1 ~ 999min (+/- 1min) Accuracy +/- 3%
Method Peristalsis Occlusion 4psi ~ 20 psi (3 steps)
Alarm Occlusion, Air in line, Door open, Stand by K.T.O (Infusion completion), System Error, Low battery, Device malfunction, Free flow (optional)
Option Event, History call back, RS 232 connection
Power AC 100~240 V~ / 50~60Hz, Battery : 7.4V, ClassⅠType CF
Operating condition Temperature 5~45℃, Humidity 90% or less
Storage condition Temperature -20 ~ 60℃, Humidity 95% or less