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PCA Pump (PP-9900)


▶ Overview

The PP-9900 is intended for the infusion of chemicals such as vasopressor drugs, depressor drugs, anti-coagulants, anesthetic drugs, anti-cancer drugs, oxytocic, nutrition. This device is designed for high flow-rate accuracy and ease of handle in the infusion of solutions with the equipped audio-visual alarms and state-of-the-art sensors.



▶ Features

Operating Method Peristalsis
Alarm Air in line, Occlusion, Door open, Empty container, K.V.O Rate (Infusion completion), Low battery, repeat alarm, Flow error (I.V. set free flow protection), Device Malfuntion
Special function Save event, Language selection (Optinal), History call back, Profile and dosage mode
Bolus Handle switch Easy control BOLUS dering infusion using handle which BOLUS (able to control Lock out time)

▶ Specification

Flow rate PCA PCEA CON
0.1~60.0ml/h 0.1~30.0ml/h 0.1~250.0ml/h
Bolus rate PCA PCEA CON
0.1~60.0ml/h 0.1~30.0ml/h N/A
Loading Dose PCA PCEA CON
0.1~60.0ml/h 0.1~30.0ml/h N/A
Clinician Bolus PCA PCEA CON
0.1~60.0ml/h 0.1~30.0ml/h N/A
Delivery Volume 0.1ml~999.9ml (in 0.1ml increments)
Purge 1ml/h~30.0ml/h
KVO 0.1ml/h~0.9ml/h
Lock out time 1~999min(±1min)
Accuracy ±3%
Level of occulation 4psi ~ 20psi (3step)
Power A/C: 100-240V ~/50~60Hz, DC 7.4V
Operation Condition +5 ~ 45℃, 90% RH (no condensation)
Storage Condition -20 ~ 60℃, 95% RH (no condensation)

▶ PP9900 Series

ACB-100 100ml drugbag set ACB-100
ACB-EXT Extended line ACB-EXT