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Disposable PCA Pump (PP-9800)


▶ Overview

The PP-9800 is a patient controlled analgesia pump. This pump can be used at home and hospitals. It can be applied to patients’ vein, epidural and subcutaneous.

disposablepcapump disposablepcapump


▶ Features

Gamma sterilization ∙ WHO (World Health Organization) recommended
∙ Safer than Ethylene oxide sterilization
Stable infusion ∙ A preventing cap included for avoiding a rapid change in pressure

▶ Specification

Flow rate 1ml/hr, 2ml/hr, etc
Maximum rate 100ml
Volume of bolus at a time 0.5ml
Bolus Lock out Time 15min
Accuracy with approved volume ±5%
Bolus ∙ Add feeding drugs depends on levels of pain
∙ Lock out Tie for use safely